UCON Systems  

Our mission is to set the industry standard in weld-less modular bolted structural connections systems.

Company Background

UCON Systems Inc. consists of design, manufacture and distribution of bolted structural connection systems. These bolted connections are used in a variety of ways to make structural assemblies forming products in the agricultural / livestock, construction, retail, industrial, transportation and petroleum industries. These weld-less bolted structural connections are used to quickly and efficiently assemble structures made up of pipe, square and rectangular tubing and other common structural shapes. These bolted structural connection systems eliminate the need for costly welding, significantly reducing labor costs and overall assembly time.

This proven system provides a unique patented technology for connecting structural elements (e.g. pipe) together to form moment resisting connections. We offer the strongest weld-less connections on the market today. We carry through our connections a unique clam shell approach that allows the most design versatility ever offered. If you can dream it, our connections can allow you to build it.

UCON Systems offers connectors as single parts and many turn key solutions.

What sets us apart from other weld-less connection systems is simply:

• Cost
• Design Flexibility
• Strength
• Aesthetics