10001 - Pipe Tee

10001 - Pipe Tee
2 3/8" (2.375") Unfinished Pipe Tee $12.39

Item No. 2010-00110001-001

2 3/8" (2.375") Galvanized Pipe Tee Call for availability

Item No. 2010-00110001-002

2 7/8" (2.875") Unfinished Pipe Tee $16.79

Item No. 2010-00210001-001

2 7/8" (2.875") Galvanized Pipe Tee Call for availability

Item No. 2010-00210001-002

Product Description

The “Tee” connector is  one of our most commonly used parts.  This is a one-piece part that like all UCON Systems parts, gets its incredible grip strength due to the large  surface area in contact with the pipe. Additionally, the bolted box section of the part allows for large force transfer between the connector and pipe for a very strong assembly. Commonly used as a top rail fence connector, but can also provide many options to your project. Simply slide the “Tee” into  position and lock it down.  The part itself acts like a lock washer so the bolts stay tight in all  hot and cold weather cycles.  Square holes allow for the use of carriage bolts that are supplied with the part. Available in 2 sizes, and 2 finishes.  Note that the smaller Tee uses 2 bolts and the larger Tee uses 4 bolts. See the .PDF for more technical specifications.