10012 - 90 Degree

10012 - 90 Degree
2 3/8" (2.375") Galvanized 90 Degree Call for availability

Item No. 2010-00110012-002

2 3/8" (2.375") Unfinished 90 Degree Call for availability

Item No. 2010-00110012-001

Product Description

The “90 Degree Corner” is used for gates, ending a fence run, or whatever else you may need. This is a two-piece part and uses 2 bolts and a unique locking system that includes 2 assembly clips to apply incredible pressure on the pipe. Square holes allow for the use of 2  carriage bolts that are supplied with the part. The part itself acts like a lock washer so the bolts stay tight in all hot and cold  weather cycles.  Available in 2 sizes, and 2 finishes.  See the .PDF for more technical specifications.


SHIPPING NOTE:  Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery on ALL GALVANIZED PARTS.